Garage Door Openers

Sometimes your garage door will ignore you. If it responds after a few more commands on the clicker or remote you’re likely dealing with a battery issue.  If it does nothing at all no matter how many times you try to activate it, the problem is probably a complete lack of power supply. The battery on most garage door openers is housed in a metal container within the garage. This means during winter the battery is can often be exposed to very cold temperatures. If it gets cold enough for long enough, it’s charging functionality can be temporarily disrupted. This is one of the most common reasons for it to behave in this way. If your garage doors are completely disabled, you or a professional will need to do a thorough check of its mains supply, breakers and fuse.

The Garage Door Fail to Close

Failure to open is one thing, but failure to close is a security issue as well as an inconvenience. Most modern opener systems are likely to feature sensors that prevent the door from coming into contact with any objects in its path. If these sensors are misaligned or obstructed in any way, they can be the reason the doors are misbehaving. There is a long list of troubleshooting tests to conduct if the sensors are not the issue. One of the best ways to test mechanical failures is to disconnect the system from its power supply, to then check if it works smoothly when operated manually. If this does not help isolate the issue, a far more detailed audit is required to find the cause.

Expert Garage Door Opener Repair

If your garage doors seem to have some type of malfunction or damage, call Garage Door Repair Trumbull to arrange immediate repair. We can ensure your garage door opener is serviced to perfect working order, provide thorough troubleshooting and quality maintenance. We can also provide advice on maintenance and practices you can carry out yourself to prolong the condition of your garage doors. Do not put up with slowing, misbehavior, noisiness or completely disabled doors any longer. Have them fixed by our highly trained professionals at fantastically competitive prices.