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Most modern houses come equipped with one or more automatic garage doors. They not only make your life easier by eliminating manual opening and closing. They help to keep the property more secure too. But what if problems arise? Even the smallest issue such as dirty photo eyes or a bent hinge can have a negative impact on the door’s operation, safety and security. That is why you must do what is needed to deal with any issue as soon as you notice it.

Garage Door Repair

Common issues affecting the hardware parts include deformation, wearing and breaking. Worn and broken cables require replacement right away. A bent track can be perfectly straightened with the right repair techniques. If it is broken, it has to be changed. Although they don’t pose an immediate threat, rust and decay affecting the garage door panels are extremely serious problems as they can ruin the entire unit eventually. Rust is gently removed while the decayed wood is practically dug out and the holes are filled and sealed. With protective paint, the risk of future damage will be minimal. (Read More)

Garage Door Springs

Both torsion and extension springs are under a lot of tension when the overhead door is closed. They provide the energy for its lifting too. The result is a high rate of wearing. Each spring will break eventually. When this happens, immediate replacement is the only solution. The ideal replacement spring is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel and has the highest possible cycle life for its type. When the door gets out of balance, the torsion spring needs adjustment. With winding, its tension is increased. With unwinding, it is reduced. These hardware parts rarely suffer damage, but when they do, they should be replaced right away.

Garage Door Openers

The most common issues with belt, screw and chain drive openers are actually caused by the accessories. Faulty safety sensors will cause the door to reverse constantly instead of closing. When they are replaced, the issue will be gone. If there’s a short in the remote control or wireless keypad, it can keep emitting a signal and cause the door to open “by itself”. Replacing the device will eliminate the problem. More often than not, the motor malfunctions because of a broken moving gear. Changing it will get the opener up and running. The solution for a broken trolley is the same. (Read More)

Garage Door Emergency

When you can’t open or close the overhead door or there is a risk for your safety and security, you have to act right away. Broken cables and springs are among the most common emergencies. If the door has been hit and has gone off the track, you shouldn’t wait to get it fixed. The most important thing in an emergency is not to touch anything before help arrives. When a major component is broken, its replacement will resolve the problem completely. In case of a collision accident, the affected panels and hardware need to be fixed or changed depending on their condition. (Read More)

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Garage Door Maintenance

A visual check and the testing of the spring and opener will show if there are any problems. One of the key features of maintenance is actually the repair or replacement of components which are in poor condition and don’t work properly. To stay protected, the panels need repainting once a year. Lubrication, on the other hand, keeps the hardware parts running smoothly and lowers their natural rate of wearing. (Read More)

Gate Repair Services

When your gate isn’t working like it’s used to – or at all – give our professionals a call for same day repair services you can count on! We work on gates and opener systems of all brands and makes. (Read More)

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